Saturday, April 26, 2014

Some important internal methods

In case anyone is interested in creating new controls for redui, here is the description of the most important internal methods that the controls rely upon.


Creates and initializes any redui control from model.
Internally calls 'create' and 'initializeFromModel' control-specific handlers.
It's only necessary to directly call this method from the parent control that is not a generic container (i.e. does not extend IContainerControl), like ContextMenu, that does not allow to add any control type as a child, thus does not extend IContainerControl interface.
For the controls that are generic controls, like GroupBox, AccordionPanel etc, it's enough to call initializeInnerControls.


Creates and initializes inner controls of a given control from model.
Used by container controls (GroupBox, AccordionPanel etc) to initialize the controls collection.


Returns the HTML for a given control.
Relies on mustache template engine to render the HTML.
Templates are retrieved once and cached on the _templates object.
Templates are retrieved with redui version as a url query parameter, that forces the new version of template to be loaded.


Localizes the label.
This function is used called from templates to localize every label/text defined in the model.
Localization only happens in Globalize.js is found.


Standard behavior for data binding that is attached to every databound redui control.
Should only be called as a method of a redui control (requires 'this').


Walks through the hierarchy of controls and binds them to the data.
Makes the data object (or it's property, in case the control is inside container that changes the context)
accessible from the bindingContext property.
If the property that the control is bound to is a function, calles the function.
If the function has a property 'subscribe' it is considered to be ko.observable, in which case the control
automatically subscribes to changes.
Also binds all the inner controls to the data. Normally it is not required to call this method directly.


Updates the value of the rendered element, the value that is seen by user.
For that, relies to the control-specific handler.
Normally it is not required to call this method directly.


Performs the control validation.
In the current implementation is aware of the control internal structure, so walks the inner controls on its own.


Helper to call the control-specific activation handler.
Generic containers (GroupBox, AccordionPanel etc) don't have to call this method directly
and can activate their children by calling activateInnerControls.


Activates inner controls of the given control.


Subscribes the databound control to change event.
Change triggers binding update.

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